Moot - The Movement Lab is an online dance and movement training platform that creates and shares content to complement your daily practice. We exist as a tool to support, educate and unify the dance and movement community at any time and anywhere while promoting wellbeing.

We are looking for teachers / coaches / dancers that have a significant or/and innovative way of approach to movement independent of the dance style or modality of movement. The approach and pedagogical structure should benefit any dancer/mover or person. We value trainings that have clear objectives and specifies its public (example: work on cardio through dance for seniors).

For examples of content produced by us, you can visit our training plans already available.

We don´t any specific open call at the moment but we are accepting sponteaneous submissions.


  • If resident in Portugal we will record, edit and brand the training plan, if not, we set the conditions of filming and assist through all the process and will edit and brand the plan;
  • We recommend and value the capture of the training plan done in English or Spanish;
  • We recommend and value the capture of the training plan done by video and audio professionals;
  • All the produced content will be propriety of Moot Lda and available at;
  • A legal contract will be made between Moot and teacher/coach and with the professional video team;
  • We will support with a fixed fee with of 300€ per training plan;
  • We will support with an extra fixed fee of 100€ per training plan if using a professional video team;
  • We will support with an annual variable fee based on the sales of your training plan;


  • Your short bio and work experience;
  • Idea, objectives and structure of the training;
  • Short video explaining the training and demonstrating one exercise.

Any doubt you can contact us by email:

Open Call