Dr Lucie Clements


Ella usa su conocimiento de la ciencia del comportamiento para ayudar a los bailarines a navegar algunos de los desafíos que enfrentó en su propio entrenamiento de baile.

Dr Lucie Clements is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) and have published in peer-reviewed articles, spoken at international conferences and worked with leading dance schools and companies across Europe, Asia and the USA.

She user her understanding of the science of behaviour to help dancers to navigate some of the challenges she faced in her own dance training.

Since 2016 she has been listed by One Dance UK, the UK’s body for dance, as a recommended Healthier Dancer Speaker. In 2018 began working as the dance psychologist and have since worked freelance within world-leading dance institutions.

She uses her expertise gained as a researcher to develop evidence-based psychoeducational workshops and consultancy for performing artists.

Caring deeply about supporting the wellbeing of all dancers, regardless of genre or current level. She looks forward to hearing from you and helping you to flourish, both on and off stage.

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